03 May, 2013

May I have your attention, please?

Hey, you!

First of all, I believe an introduction is in order. My name's Dahlia Lynch, I'm 24 years old and I currently live in Barcelona, Spain.

I've entertained the idea of starting up a blog for quite a long while now, but - for whatever reason - never really did. Blogging requires time and dedication, and - believe me -  I'm anything but constant. I run for my life at the only smell of compromise but, on the other side, I'm the kind of person that doesn't do things halfheartedly. If I do something, I want to give it my best, do a proper job. That's why every time the idea of starting a blog came up I stopped and asked myself: 'Are you really in for it? Are you going to keep it up?' And, well, I wasn't sure, so I decided to put it on hold until hopefully one day something in me would click and I'd find myself actually ready for the challenge. Looks like the time is now. I feel confident and excited about this little project, so I really hope it will grow and take shape and become a spot worthy of your time, that you enjoy checking out, stopping by and - most of all - coming back to.

As for the contents. I haven't set a theme for this blog. I don't particularly excel in anything (sadly enough) and my interests are too many to bring myself to focus on just one. So, that said, what you will find here is, pretty much, a bit of the following:

Utter Randomness: Basically, thoughts, daily life and even fashion. My modest opinion in whatever topic comes to my mind, everyday life, anecdotes, etc. I don't know, we'll see. I guess.
Tv Shows: I watch quite a lot of TV shows, so I'll talk about the ones I love the most. Reviews, opinions or just pointless rant. Oh, please, humor me. I'm absolutely hooked on "The Vampire Diaries", "Pretty Little Liars" and "New Girl" - among many others, but those three will surely get more than an entry or two.
Music: That's my main passion in life. I love music, a whole lot. I'm not going to dig deep into the topic, though, I might share with you all my favorite bands and singers, or the artists I'm lately hooked on. As a side-note, I sing. I enjoy singing more than anything, so I might share some recordings, rehearsals or song lyrics.
Gourmet: Okay, let's set this straight. Even though I rather enjoy cooking, I barely actually cook. If someone with a certain knowledge on the matter watched me cook, they'd probably smack me. I'm no kitchen disaster either, let's be fair, just average. Anyway, as I do have an interest in cooking, I will share reviews on food or beverages I've had the chance to taste or even places (caf├ęs, restaurants, etc.) I've enjoyed. That's pretty much it, I wouldn't want to be held accountable for whatever may happen if I shared a recipe of mine.

That said, welcome to my newborn blog. Please, make yourself at home and stay around to watch it grow.

xoxo Dahlia Lynch

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  1. Kiwi!

    Bienvenida al mundo blogger!

    XoXo Piny Poney Honey